What I’ve learnt in 2011 (to be continued)

As another busy year draws to a close… Some learnings from this year, in no particular order, written down here so I will not forget them over the abundant festivities in the coming days.

  • 2011 was clearly the year of the economist (again), and that of the economical marketer.
  • A company’s social media presence is as much the product of its organisational structure as it is that of a strategy. Often, not always.
  • QR codes are a versatile marketing tool to unite the real world (events, print ads) with the virtual world (online campaigns, videos), but by the time they are fully established in Germany, QR codes will probably have been made obsolete by augmented reality tools.
  • Email for internal communication just does not work. There must be better tools that also track workflow and help us prioritise. And that help me find things.
  • I still rather use laptop than iPad. For pretty much everything.

Wishing us all an OLYMPIC 2012!

Merry Christmas from HOT RED

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