Through the (Grape)Vine

Twitter launched its new video-sharing app for iPhone last week. Vine allows us to create, upload and share 6-second, loopable videos, so in good Twitter tradition, brevity has to be the soul of wit. I spent a grey weekend playing with the Vine app, and can reveal that it is an excellent time waster. Allow me to present to you my first ever published video, shot with Vine:

As a B2B marketer, I wonder how Vine could be used for business. Victoria Harres suggests use in PR, think 6-second “video elevator pitch”. PR experts are a creative bunch, and creativity thrives within constraints (be these 6-second time limits or 140-character limits), so I cannot wait to be dazzled by imaginatively “vined” PR pitches before long. Snappy soundbites as part of your presentation highlights, customer quotes, invitations (“Join us!”) or calls to action (“Get in touch now!”), are all great B2B applications I can see for Vine.

I struggle to see the usage of Vine for product demos. Unless it’s about showing where the on/off switch is located, 6 seconds may just be too short here. Happy to be proven wrong.

One word to the makers of Vine: here is hoping that an update to the video-sharing from the timeline will come very soon, to enable social sharing not just during the upload process, but also retrospectively.

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