Agile Marketing


“Sell first – worry about it later” – This statement from a company executive at a recent event left me and other members of the audience quite puzzled. It sounded flippant and in a way, disrespectful. Then I read a blog post by Jim Ewel on Agile Marketing and began to see it in a new light.

Agile Marketing is not really a new thing. We marketers have followed the principles of this method for years. Social media requires a quick, opportunistic customer outreach. Constant demand generation DEMANDS that we learn quickly from individual customer responses and adapt our marketing accordingly. Agile Marketing, as explained in Jim’s blog, has all to do with responding to change nimbly, executing quickly, and following market feedback over the corporate marketing plan. Relying on feedback means Agile Marketing has to be data-driven marketing. We measure market feedback in the form of data, for example with Google Analytics for web traffic or ad conversion rates. We analyse the data, we draw conclusions and based on those, we define our targets for the next campaign. We test test test to find out what works, and then we build on it.

Use Agile Marketing to Save Your Sanity in 2013

So when we apply Agile Marketing, we are still putting the customer first. We are just not striving for the perfect campaign, planned for months, anymore. Because we cannot afford to when there is pressure on the sales teams to decrease sales cycles, and pressure on us marketers to generate more leads, convert them faster. And because it is difficult to see any measurable advantage from a “perfect” campaign as opposed to a campaign that’s just plain effective. Selling first and worrying about it later.

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